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Variants from Genesolutions, Medical Genetics Institutes, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Location: Vietnam  Primary collection method: clinical testing
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If a variant has more than one submission, it may be counted in more than one significance column. If this is the case, the total number of variants will be less than the sum of the other cells.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign drug response total
26 1 0 0 0 1 28

Gene and significance breakdown #

Total genes and gene combinations: 13
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Gene or gene combination pathogenic likely pathogenic drug response total
SLC25A13 11 0 0 11
PTPN11 4 0 0 4
FGFR3 2 0 0 2
HRAS, LRRC56 2 0 0 2
ADAMTS12, AGXT2, AMACR, ANXA2R, ANXA2R-OT1, BRIX1, C1QTNF3, C1QTNF3-AMACR, C5orf22, C5orf34, C6, C7, C9, CAPSL, CAPSL-DT, CARD6, CCDC152, CCL28, CDH6, CPLANE1, DAB2, DNAJC21, DROSHA, EGFLAM, FBXO4, FGF10, FGF10-INT1, FLJ32255, FYB1, GDNF, GHR, GOLPH3, HCN1, HMGCS1, IL7R, LIFR, LINC00603, LINC00604, LINC01265, LINC02061, LINC02064, LINC02104, LINC02107, LINC02110, LINC02119, LINC02120, LINC02160, LINC02224, LINC02996, LMBRD2, LOC100132356, LOC100506639, LOC105374704, LOC105374715, LOC105374748, LOC107963949, LOC107963950, LOC108281130, LOC108348025, LOC110120690, LOC111501791, LOC111556114, LOC112997588, LOC112997589, LOC112997590, LOC112997591, LOC112997592, LOC114004392, LOC114004393, LOC114803477, LOC114827820, LOC116158513, LOC116158514, LOC121056762, LOC121056763, LOC121056764, LOC121725199, LOC121725200, LOC121725201, LOC121725202, LOC121725203, LOC121725204, LOC123493282, LOC123493283, LOC123493284, LOC123493285, LOC123493286, LOC123493287, LOC123493288, LOC123493289, LOC123493290, LOC123493291, LOC123493292, LOC123493293, LOC123493294, LOC123493295, LOC123493296, LOC123493297, LOC123493298, LOC123493299, LOC123493300, LOC123493301, LOC123493302, LOC123493303, LOC126807339, LOC126807340, LOC126807341, LOC126807342, LOC126807343, LOC126807344, LOC126807345, LOC126807346, LOC126807347, LOC126807348, LOC126807349, LOC126807350, LOC126807351, LOC126807352, LOC126807353, LOC126807354, LOC126807355, LOC126807356, LOC126807357, LOC126807358, LOC126807359, LOC126807360, LOC126807361, LOC126807362, LOC126807363, LOC126807364, LOC126807365, LOC126807366, LOC126807367, LOC126807368, LOC126807369, LOC126807370, LOC126807371, LOC126807372, LOC126807373, LOC126807374, LOC126807375, LOC126807376, LOC126807377, LOC126807378, LOC126807379, LOC126807380, LOC126807381, LOC126807382, LOC128667222, LOC129389265, LOC129389266, LOC129389267, LOC129389268, LOC129389269, LOC129389270, LOC129389271, LOC129389272, LOC129389273, LOC129389274, LOC129389275, LOC129389276, LOC129389277, LOC129389278, LOC129389279, LOC129389280, LOC129389281, LOC129993745, LOC129993746, LOC129993747, LOC129993748, LOC129993749, LOC129993750, LOC129993751, LOC129993752, LOC129993753, LOC129993754, LOC129993755, LOC129993756, LOC129993757, LOC129993758, LOC129993759, LOC129993760, LOC129993761, LOC129993762, LOC129993763, LOC129993764, LOC129993765, LOC129993766, LOC129993767, LOC129993768, LOC129993769, LOC129993770, LOC129993771, LOC129993772, LOC129993773, LOC129993774, LOC129993775, LOC129993776, LOC129993777, LOC129993778, LOC129993779, LOC129993780, LOC129993781, LOC129993782, LOC129993783, LOC129993784, LOC129993785, LOC129993786, LOC129993787, LOC129993788, LOC129993789, LOC129993790, LOC129993791, LOC129993792, LOC129993793, LOC129993794, LOC129993795, LOC129993796, LOC129993797, LOC129993798, LOC129993799, LOC129993800, LOC129993801, LOC129993802, LOC129993803, LOC129993804, LOC129993805, LOC129993806, LOC129993807, LOC129993808, LOC129993809, LOC129993810, LOC129993811, LOC129993812, LOC129993813, LOC129993814, LOC129993815, LOC129993816, LOC129993817, LOC129993818, LOC129993819, LOC129993820, LOC129993821, LOC129993822, LOC129993823, LOC129993824, LOC129993825, LOC129993826, LOC129993827, LOC129993828, LOC129993829, LOC129993830, LOC129993831, LOC129993832, LOC129993833, LOC129993834, LOC129993835, LOC129993836, LOC129993837, LOC129993838, LOC129993839, LOC129993840, LOC129993841, LOC129993842, LOC129993843, LOC129993844, LOC129993845, LOC129993846, LOC129993847, LOC129993848, LOC129993849, LOC129993850, LOC129993851, LOC129993852, LOC129993853, LOC129993854, LOC129993855, LOC129993856, LOC129993857, LOC129993858, LOC129993859, LOC129993860, LOC129993861, LOC129993862, LOC129993863, LOC129993864, LOC129993865, LOC129993866, LOC129993867, LOC129993868, LOC129993869, LOC129993870, LOC129993871, LOC132089238, LOC132089239, LOC132089240, LOC132089241, LOC132089242, LOC132089243, LOC132089244, LOC132089245, LOC132089246, LOC132089247, LOC132089248, LOC132089254, LOC132089255, LOC132089256, LOC132089257, LOC132089258, LOC132089259, LOC132089260, LOC132089261, LOC132089262, LOC132089263, LOC132089264, LOC132089265, LOC132089266, LOC132089267, LOC132089268, LOC132089269, LOC132089270, LOC132089271, LOC132090727, LOC132090728, LOC132090729, LOC132090730, MIR3650, MIR4279, MIR579, MIR580, MROH2B, MRPS30, MRPS30-DT, MTMR12, NADK2, NIM1K, NIPBL, NIPBL-DT, NNT, NPR3, NUP155, OSMR, OSMR-DT, OXCT1, PAIP1, PDZD2, PLCXD3, PRKAA1, PRLR, PTGER4, RAD1, RAI14, RAI14-DT, RANBP3L, RICTOR, RIMOC1, RPL37, RXFP3, SELENOP, SKP2, SLC1A3, SLC45A2, SNORD72, SPEF2, SUB1, TARS1, TMEM267, TTC23L, TTC33, UGT3A1, UGT3A2, WDR70, ZFR, ZNF131 0 1 0 1
COL1A1 1 0 0 1
FGFR2 1 0 0 1
JAG1 1 0 0 1
KIT 0 0 1 1
LDLR 1 0 0 1
LOC129998833, SLC25A13 1 0 0 1
NRAS 1 0 0 1
TSC2 1 0 0 1

Condition and significance breakdown #

Total conditions: 13
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Condition pathogenic likely pathogenic drug response total
Neonatal intrahepatic cholestasis due to citrin deficiency 12 0 0 12
Noonan syndrome 1 4 0 0 4
Costello syndrome 2 0 0 2
Achondroplasia 1 0 0 1
Acrocephalosyndactyly type I 1 0 0 1
Alagille syndrome due to a JAG1 point mutation 1 0 0 1
Hypercholesterolemia, familial, 1 1 0 0 1
Imatinib response 0 0 1 1
Noonan syndrome 6 1 0 0 1
Osteogenesis imperfecta type III 1 0 0 1
See cases 0 1 0 1
Thanatophoric dysplasia type 1 1 0 0 1
Tuberous sclerosis 2 1 0 0 1

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