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Variants in gene combination HBB, LOC106099062, LOC107133510 with conflicting interpretations

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If a variant has more than two submissions, it may have multiple conflicts and therefore be counted in more than one conflict column. If this is the case, the "Variants with any kind of conflict" cell will be less than the sum of the conflicted variants cells to its left.

Variants with only 1 submission per condition Variants with at least 2 submissions on the same condition and no conflicts Variants with a synonymous conflict
(e.g. benign vs non-pathogenic)
Variants with a confidence conflict
(e.g. benign vs likely benign)
Variants with a benign or likely benign vs uncertain conflict Variants with a category conflict
(e.g. benign vs affects)
Variants with a clinically significant conflict
(e.g. benign vs pathogenic)
Variants with any conflict
415 86 1 33 20 62 10 108

Significance breakdown #

In the table below, cells that correspond to a term paired with itself represent synonymous conflicts, i.e. variants that have been annotated with different terms that map to the same standard term. To compare the terms that were actually submitted, check the box in the filters section at the top of this page.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign other
pathogenic 0 27 7 3 0 13
likely pathogenic 27 0 2 0 0 3
uncertain significance 7 2 1 16 8 37
likely benign 3 0 16 0 6 18
benign 0 0 8 6 0 1
other 13 3 37 18 1 0

All variants with conflicting interpretations #

Total variants: 108
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NM_000518.4(HBB):c.-82C>T rs34500389
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.125T>C (p.Phe42Ser) rs33926796
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.126_129delCTTT (p.Phe42fs) rs80356821
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.137T>C (p.Phe46Ser) rs33978338
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.142G>A (p.Asp48Asn) rs33932070
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.157G>A (p.Asp53Asn) rs33961886
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.157G>C (p.Asp53His) rs33961886
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.182T>A (p.Val61Glu) rs33931779
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.184A>G (p.Lys62Glu) rs33995148
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.191A>G (p.His64Arg) rs33985544
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.194G>C (p.Gly65Ala) rs33922018
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.208G>A (p.Gly70Ser) rs33947415
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.220G>A (p.Asp74Asn) rs33945705
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.232C>G (p.His78Asp) rs33991294
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.232C>T (p.His78Tyr) rs33991294
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.238G>A (p.Asp80Asn) rs33990858
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.238G>C (p.Asp80His) rs33990858
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.238G>T (p.Asp80Tyr) rs33990858
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.23A>G (p.Glu8Gly) rs34387455
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.25A>G (p.Lys9Glu) rs33926764
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.263C>A (p.Thr88Lys) rs33993568
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.266T>C (p.Leu89Pro) rs33940204
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.271G>A (p.Glu91Lys) rs33913712
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.275T>C (p.Leu92Pro) rs33917785
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.275T>G (p.Leu92Arg) rs33917785
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.283G>A (p.Asp95Asn) rs33959340
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.29C>G (p.Ser10Cys) rs33918131
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.34G>A (p.Val12Ile) rs33974228
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.34G>T (p.Val12Phe) rs33974228
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.44T>C (p.Leu15Pro) rs33935445
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.44T>G (p.Leu15Arg) rs33935445
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.64G>T (p.Asp22Tyr) rs33950093
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.67G>A (p.Glu23Lys) rs33959855
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.67G>C (p.Glu23Gln) rs33959855
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.68A>C (p.Glu23Ala) rs33936254
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.68A>G (p.Glu23Gly) rs33936254
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.68A>T (p.Glu23Val) rs33936254
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.71T>A (p.Val24Asp) rs33945546
NM_000518.4(HBB):c.8A>G (p.His3Arg) rs33983205
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-137C>A rs33941377
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-137C>G rs33941377
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-137C>T rs33941377
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-138C>A rs33944208
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-138C>T rs33944208
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-140C>T rs34999973
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-31C>T rs63750628
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-50A>C rs34305195
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-75G>C rs63750400
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-78A>G rs33931746
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-80T>A rs33980857
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.-92C>G rs397515291
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.100G>A (p.Val34Met) rs1141370
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.103G>T (p.Val35Phe) rs1141387
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.114G>A (p.Trp38Ter) rs33974936
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.122G>A (p.Arg41Lys) rs34831026
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.128T>C (p.Phe43Ser) rs34378160
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.131A>C (p.Glu44Ala) rs35262412
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.16C>T (p.Pro6Ser) rs33912272
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.170G>A (p.Gly57Asp) rs34439278
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.174C>A (p.Asn58Lys) rs35278874
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.179A>C (p.Lys60Thr) rs35537181
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.180G>C (p.Lys60Asn) rs34621955
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.186G>C (p.Lys62Asn) rs34446260
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.190C>T (p.His64Tyr) rs33922873
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.19GAG[1] (p.Glu8del) rs63750928
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.200A>C (p.Lys67Thr) rs35939489
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.205C>T (p.Leu69Phe) rs33961459
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.209G>A (p.Gly70Asp) rs34718174
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.20A>T (p.Glu7Val) rs334
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.217dup (p.Ser73fs) rs33969853
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.221_224dup (p.Leu76fs) rs1564875128
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.230del (p.Ala77fs) rs281864901
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.246C>A (p.Leu82=) rs145669504
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.250G>C (p.Gly84Arg) rs33930385
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.250G>T (p.Gly84Cys) rs33930385
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.251G>A (p.Gly84Asp) rs1803195
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.253A>G (p.Thr85Ala) rs35960772
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.262A>C (p.Thr88Pro) rs35553496
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.274C>T (p.Leu92=) rs769583496
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.286A>G (p.Lys96Glu) rs33914359
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.294C>T (p.His98=) rs34515413
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.2T>A (p.Met1Lys) rs33941849
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.2T>C (p.Met1Thr) rs33941849
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.30dup (p.Ala11fs)
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.33C>A (p.Ala11=) rs35799536
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.45G>A (p.Leu15=) rs762782573
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.4G>A (p.Val2Met) rs33958358
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.50G>A (p.Gly17Asp) rs33962676
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.57G>A (p.Val19=) rs1554918177
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.59A>G (p.Asn20Ser) rs33972047
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.5T>C (p.Val2Ala) rs33949930
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.61G>A (p.Val21Met) rs35890959
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.64dup (p.Asp22fs) rs1554918165
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.75T>A (p.Gly25=) rs33951465
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.79G>A (p.Glu27Lys) rs33950507
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.82G>T (p.Ala28Ser) rs35424040
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.85C>T (p.Leu29=)
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.85dup (p.Leu29fs) rs35532010
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.8A>C (p.His3Pro) rs33983205
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.91A>C (p.Arg31=) rs35684407
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.92+1G>T rs33971440
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.92+5G>A rs33915217
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.92+6T>C rs35724775
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.92G>A (p.Arg31Lys) rs33960103
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.93-15T>G rs35456885
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.93-23T>C rs111851677
NM_000518.5(HBB):c.93G>T (p.Arg31Ser) rs1135071

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