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Variants in gene HNF1A with conflicting interpretations

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If a variant has more than two submissions, it may have multiple conflicts and therefore be counted in more than one conflict column. If this is the case, the "Variants with any kind of conflict" cell will be less than the sum of the conflicted variants cells to its left.

Variants with only 1 submission per condition Variants with at least 2 submissions on the same condition and no conflicts Variants with a synonymous conflict
(e.g. benign vs non-pathogenic)
Variants with a confidence conflict
(e.g. benign vs likely benign)
Variants with a benign or likely benign vs uncertain conflict Variants with a category conflict
(e.g. benign vs affects)
Variants with a clinically significant conflict
(e.g. benign vs pathogenic)
Variants with any conflict
655 110 0 66 30 11 22 109

Significance breakdown #

In the table below, cells that correspond to a term paired with itself represent synonymous conflicts, i.e. variants that have been annotated with different terms that map to the same standard term. To compare the terms that were actually submitted, check the box in the filters section at the top of this page.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign likely risk allele risk factor uncertain risk allele
pathogenic 0 20 9 2 1 2 0 1
likely pathogenic 20 0 14 2 2 0 0 0
uncertain significance 9 14 0 27 9 2 1 0
likely benign 2 2 27 0 46 2 1 2
benign 1 2 9 46 0 0 1 0
likely risk allele 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0
risk factor 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0
uncertain risk allele 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0

All variants with conflicting interpretations #

Total variants: 109
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HGVS dbSNP gnomAD frequency
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1720A>G (p.Ser574Gly) rs1169305 0.98610
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.51C>G (p.Leu17=) rs1169289 0.42543
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.79A>C (p.Ile27Leu) rs1169288 0.35489
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1501+7G>A rs2464195 0.30441
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1460G>A (p.Ser487Asn) rs2464196 0.26206
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1375C>T (p.Leu459=) rs2259820 0.26141
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1545G>A (p.Thr515=) rs55834942 0.13864
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.293C>T (p.Ala98Val) rs1800574 0.02065
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1720= (p.Ser574=) rs1169305 0.01390
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.326+6_326+10dup rs56158114 0.00415
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.276C>T (p.Leu92=) rs34056805 0.00269
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1425G>A (p.Pro475=) rs145589373 0.00232
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.252C>T (p.Pro84=) rs78772552 0.00215
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1165T>G (p.Leu389Val) rs115080759 0.00198
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1446C>T (p.Ser482=) rs147366495 0.00117
NM_000545.6(HNF1A):c.-527C>T rs3809315 0.00115
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1704C>T (p.Pro568=) rs148520816 0.00103
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1722C>A (p.Ser574Arg) rs141304623 0.00103
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.156C>T (p.Gly52=) rs150195625 0.00086
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1107+9C>G rs17847497 0.00081
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1323G>A (p.Thr441=) rs138996307 0.00081
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.92G>A (p.Gly31Asp) rs137853247 0.00076
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.-89T>C rs767550584 0.00074
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.210C>T (p.Ser70=) rs146686581 0.00061
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1748G>A (p.Arg583Gln) rs137853242 0.00060
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1539C>T (p.Thr513=) rs193922584 0.00037
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.336G>A (p.Pro112=) rs371365341 0.00036
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1501+6C>T rs374306837 0.00035
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1541A>G (p.His514Arg) rs202039659 0.00028
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.586A>G (p.Thr196Ala) rs139712739 0.00024
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1386C>T (p.Val462=) rs143015301 0.00021
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1108-4G>A rs372892932 0.00020
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1377G>A (p.Leu459=) rs118028009 0.00020
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1309+102A>T rs113111047 0.00018
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1500C>T (p.His500=) rs201694197 0.00017
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1756G>A (p.Ala586Thr) rs373857078 0.00017
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.693G>A (p.Thr231=) rs145240086 0.00017
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.716C>T (p.Ala239Val) rs587778397 0.00016
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.-96T>G rs576862555 0.00013
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.521C>T (p.Ala174Val) rs201934320 0.00013
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1624-19G>A rs193922586 0.00011
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.142G>A (p.Glu48Lys) rs772222326 0.00009
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.225C>T (p.Asp75=) rs202180554 0.00009
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.-181G>A rs980850048 0.00007
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.871C>T (p.Pro291Ser) rs151256267 0.00006
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.954C>T (p.His318=) rs193922607 0.00006
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.99G>A (p.Pro33=) rs538619966 0.00006
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1310-12C>T rs193922579 0.00004
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1383C>T (p.Pro461=) rs772756175 0.00004
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1502-14T>C rs765596650 0.00004
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1624-15G>A rs193922585 0.00004
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.527-18G>A rs375259151 0.00004
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.827C>G (p.Ala276Gly) rs137853245 0.00003
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.900C>T (p.Pro300=) rs762555237 0.00003
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1576G>A (p.Asp526Asn) rs1315721381 0.00002
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1592G>C (p.Ser531Thr) rs137853246 0.00002
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1745A>G (p.His582Arg) rs193922589 0.00002
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.264G>A (p.Glu88=) rs201223431 0.00002
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.29C>T (p.Thr10Met) rs774637975 0.00002
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.978G>A (p.Ala326=) rs200351196 0.00002
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.-4A>G rs561269721 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1501G>A (p.Ala501Thr) rs371807951 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1663C>T (p.Leu555Phe) rs193922587 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1695C>T (p.Leu565=) rs762669462 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.340C>T (p.Arg114Cys) rs774996577 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.599G>A (p.Arg200Gln) rs893256143 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.608G>A (p.Arg203His) rs587780357 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.626C>A (p.Ala209Glu) rs1286294151 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.713+14C>T rs193922601 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.780G>A (p.Thr260=) rs749633685 0.00001
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.955G>A (p.Gly319Ser) rs137853240 0.00001
NM_000545.5(HNF1A):c.598C>T (p.Arg200Trp) rs193922598
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.-124G>C rs563304627
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.-167TGGGGGT[3] rs538476099
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1135C>A (p.Pro379Thr) rs754729248
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1135C>G (p.Pro379Ala) rs754729248
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1135C>T (p.Pro379Ser)
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1136C>A (p.Pro379His) rs371717826
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1136_1137del (p.Pro379fs) rs1593060890
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1137del (p.Val380fs) rs1555212248
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.130del (p.Leu44fs) rs193922578
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1330_1331del (p.Gln444fs) rs776793516
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1380_1406del (p.Gln460_Leu468del) rs544842497
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1424C>T (p.Pro475Leu) rs193922580
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1502-19CT[2] rs753496283
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.1502-6G>A rs1458430820
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.155_156delinsCT (p.Gly52Ala) rs587778393
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.281C>T (p.Pro94Leu) rs193922593
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.306C>T (p.Ala102=) rs1486966222
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.343G>T (p.Val115Leu) rs1876667856
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.445A>G (p.Asn149Asp) rs1565883574
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.475C>T (p.Arg159Trp) rs765432081
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.519G>A (p.Val173=) rs534301078
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.526+5_526+8del rs2135833007
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.527-1G>A rs1555211904
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.52G>T (p.Glu18Ter) rs1876084046
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.608G>T (p.Arg203Leu) rs587780357
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.616T>A (p.Trp206Arg) rs1057524898
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.620G>A (p.Gly207Asp) rs1555211922
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.703G>C (p.Glu235Gln) rs1353807357
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.722G>A (p.Cys241Tyr) rs2135841113
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.779C>T (p.Thr260Met) rs886039544
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.814C>T (p.Arg272Cys) rs1555212014
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.815G>A (p.Arg272His) rs137853238
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.827C>A (p.Ala276Asp) rs137853245
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.864del (p.Pro291fs) rs762703502
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.864delinsCC (p.Gly292fs) rs1593058932
NM_000545.8(HNF1A):c.872C>A (p.Pro291Gln) rs193922606

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