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Variants in gene TNNT2 with conflicting interpretations

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If a variant has more than two submissions, it may have multiple conflicts and therefore be counted in more than one conflict column. If this is the case, the "Variants with any kind of conflict" cell will be less than the sum of the conflicted variants cells to its left.

Variants with only 1 submission Variants with at least 2 submissions and no conflicts Variants with a synonymous conflict
(e.g. benign vs non-pathogenic)
Variants with a confidence conflict
(e.g. benign vs likely benign)
Variants with a benign or likely benign vs uncertain conflict Variants with a category conflict
(e.g. benign vs affects)
Variants with a clinically significant conflict
(e.g. benign vs pathogenic)
Variants with any kind of conflict
198 58 1 32 17 0 29 67

Significance breakdown #

In the table below, cells that correspond to a term paired with itself represent synonymous conflicts, i.e. variants that have been annotated with different terms that map to the same standard term. To compare the terms that were actually submitted, check the box in the filters section at the top of this page.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign
pathogenic 0 17 9 1 0
likely pathogenic 17 0 25 0 0
uncertain significance 9 25 1 16 6
likely benign 1 0 16 0 15
benign 0 0 6 15 0

All variants with conflicting interpretations #

Total variants: 67
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NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.113C>T (p.Ala38Val) rs200754249
NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.136G>C (p.Ala46Pro) rs397516447
NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.294+7G>A rs45490292
NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.68-5_68-3delinsTT rs397516362
NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.753G>T (p.Glu251Asp) rs45466197
NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.853C>T (p.Arg285Cys) rs121964857
NM_000364.3(TNNT2):c.877C>T (p.Arg293Cys) rs367785431
NM_001001430.1(TNNT2):c.53-11_53-7delCTTCT rs45533739
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.133+12G>A rs45580032
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.170-11A>G rs368658464
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.170-4C>G rs397516448
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.178A>G (p.Met60Val) rs141837529
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.207G>A (p.Ser69=) rs3729845
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.240C>G (p.Pro80=) rs140245123
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.244G>A (p.Gly82Arg) rs727504255
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.247G>A (p.Glu83Lys) rs727504244
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.251G>C (p.Arg84Thr) rs397516452
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.251dup (p.Val85Serfs) rs780087395
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.257A>C (p.Asp86Ala) rs397516455
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.275G>A (p.Arg92Gln) rs121964856
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.280C>T (p.Arg94Cys) rs727503513
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.281G>A (p.Arg94His) rs397516457
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.281G>T (p.Arg94Leu) rs397516457
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.291G>T (p.Lys97Asn) rs397516459
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.311C>T (p.Ala104Val) rs727504245
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.318C>T (p.Ile106=) rs3729547
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.330T>G (p.Phe110Leu) rs727504331
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.382-6_382-4delCCT rs397516462
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.388C>T (p.Arg130Cys) rs397516463
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.391C>T (p.Arg131Trp) rs74315380
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.392G>C (p.Arg131Pro) rs397516464
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.415C>T (p.Arg139Cys) rs397516465
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.416G>A (p.Arg139His) rs397516466
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.422G>A (p.Arg141Gln) rs730881101
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.430C>T (p.Arg144Trp) rs483352832
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.444G>C (p.Arg148=) rs35914325
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.476G>A (p.Arg159Gln) rs45501500
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.492C>T (p.Asn164=) rs483352833
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.514G>T (p.Ala172Ser) rs730881097
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.517C>T (p.Arg173Trp) rs727503512
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.518G>A (p.Arg173Gln) rs397516471
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.52+7G>A rs374443596
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.536C>T (p.Ser179Phe) rs727504246
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.571-1G>A rs483352835
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.580-10C>T rs375547142
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.613C>T (p.Arg205Trp) rs45586240
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.614G>A (p.Arg205Gln) rs121964860
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.63T>G (p.Val21=) rs397516477
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.662T>C (p.Ile221Thr) rs45520032
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.690-13_690-11delCTT rs397516480
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.690-4G>T rs201753429
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.690-5T>G rs730881092
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.690-6G>A rs113471285
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.745G>A (p.Asp249Asn) rs141805127
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.754G>A (p.Glu252Lys) rs727504488
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.758A>G (p.Lys253Arg) rs3730238
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.773A>T (p.Lys258Ile) rs397516482
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.780+5G>A rs730881113
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.807C>T (p.Asn269=) rs376923877
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.822-2A>C rs111692981
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.833G>C (p.Arg278Pro) rs397516484
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.836G>A (p.Gly279Glu) rs727505233
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.84G>A (p.Ala28=) rs200283086
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.857G>A (p.Arg286His) rs141121678
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.860G>A (p.Trp287Ter) rs727504247
NM_001001430.2(TNNT2):c.861G>A (p.Trp287Ter) rs730881116
NM_001001432.2(TNNT2):c.803+5G>A rs193922620

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