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Variants with conflicting interpretations between Color Health, Inc and Cardiovascular Research Group,Instituto Nacional de Saude Doutor Ricardo Jorge

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If a variant has more than two submissions, it may have multiple conflicts and therefore be counted in more than one conflict column. If this is the case, the "Variants with any kind of conflict" cell will be less than the sum of the conflicted variants cells to its left.

Variants with only 1 submission per condition Variants with at least 2 submissions on the same condition and no conflicts Variants with a synonymous conflict
(e.g. benign vs non-pathogenic)
Variants with a confidence conflict
(e.g. benign vs likely benign)
Variants with a benign or likely benign vs uncertain conflict Variants with a category conflict
(e.g. benign vs affects)
Variants with a clinically significant conflict
(e.g. benign vs pathogenic)
Variants with any conflict
0 68 0 17 44 0 12 73

Significance breakdown #

In the table below, cells that correspond to a term paired with itself represent synonymous conflicts, i.e. variants that have been annotated with different terms that map to the same standard term. To compare the terms that were actually submitted, check the box in the filters section at the top of this page.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign
pathogenic 0 5 2 0 0
likely pathogenic 4 0 5 0 0
uncertain significance 1 4 0 0 2
likely benign 0 0 23 0 3
benign 0 0 22 5 0

All variants with conflicting interpretations #

Total variants: 73
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NM_000384.3(APOB):c.10131G>A (p.Leu3377=) rs1799812
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.10701G>A (p.Thr3567=) rs12713558
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.11401T>A (p.Ser3801Thr)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.11477C>T (p.Thr3826Met)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.1280G>A (p.Arg427Gln) rs755407886
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.13441G>A (p.Ala4481Thr)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.13451C>T (p.Thr4484Met)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.13477CAG[1] (p.Gln4494del) rs562574661
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.1353-12C>T rs76202659
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.1470+15T>C rs185550846
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.2188G>A (p.Val730Ile)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.2706C>T (p.Asn902=) rs1801700
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.3337G>C (p.Asp1113His)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.3740A>G (p.Tyr1247Cys) rs61741164
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.403A>G (p.Ile135Val) rs769296548
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.5690G>A (p.Arg1897His) rs199510126
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.5741A>G (p.Asn1914Ser)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.5768A>G (p.His1923Arg)
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.6636TGA[1] (p.Asp2213del) rs541497967
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.7696G>A (p.Glu2566Lys) rs1801696
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.7853T>C (p.Ile2618Thr) rs531273434
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.905-15C>G rs72653061
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.905-16A>C rs12720810
NM_000384.3(APOB):c.9835A>G (p.Ser3279Gly)
NM_000527.4(LDLR):c.-121T>C rs777716188
NM_000527.4(LDLR):c.-217C>T rs17249141
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.-13A>G rs376011618
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1027G>A (p.Gly343Ser)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1222G>A (p.Glu408Lys) rs137943601
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1279A>C (p.Arg427=) rs371355878
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1359-5C>G rs531005522
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1432G>A (p.Gly478Arg)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1474G>A (p.Asp492Asn)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1702C>G (p.Leu568Val) rs746959386
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1747C>T (p.His583Tyr) rs730882109
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1775G>A (p.Gly592Glu)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1911C>T (p.Ser637=) rs373570349
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.1920C>T (p.Asn640=) rs5926
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.2177C>T (p.Thr726Ile)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.226G>T (p.Gly76Trp) rs574337291
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.2291T>C (p.Ile764Thr) rs759440817
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.2389G>A (p.Val797Met)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.2390-16G>A rs183496025
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.241C>T (p.Arg81Cys)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.2575G>A (p.Val859Met) rs202049029
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.301G>A (p.Glu101Lys) rs144172724
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.344G>A (p.Arg115His) rs201102461
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.418G>A (p.Glu140Lys)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.440C>T (p.Thr147Ile) rs879254524
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.58G>A (p.Gly20Arg) rs147509697
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.631C>T (p.His211Tyr) rs771917370
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.682G>A (p.Glu228Lys)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.798T>A (p.Asp266Glu) rs139043155
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.829G>A (p.Glu277Lys)
NM_000527.5(LDLR):c.90C>T (p.Asn30=) rs72658855
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.-8T>C rs886039837
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.1026A>G (p.Gln342=) rs509504
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.141C>T (p.Ser47=) rs28385701
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.1487G>A (p.Arg496Gln) rs139669564
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.1863+6G>A rs568853401
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.644G>A (p.Arg215His) rs794728683
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.657+9G>A rs11800243
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.705C>T (p.Ser235=) rs7552471
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.709C>T (p.Arg237Trp) rs148195424
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.720C>T (p.Gly240=) rs41297883
NM_174936.3(PCSK9):c.753C>T (p.Arg251=) rs28385710
NM_174936.4(PCSK9):c.1274A>G (p.Asn425Ser) rs28362261
NM_174936.4(PCSK9):c.1399C>G rs772677312
NM_174936.4(PCSK9):c.45GCT[6] (p.Leu23del)
NM_174936.4(PCSK9):c.45GCT[9] (p.Leu22_Leu23dup) rs35574083

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