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Variants studied for Immunodeficiency 33; Ectodermal dysplasia and immunodeficiency 1; Incontinentia pigmenti syndrome; Immunodeficiency 47

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pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign total
1 0 0 0 0 1

Gene and significance breakdown #

Total genes and gene combinations: 1
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Gene or gene combination pathogenic total
ABCD1, ARHGAP4, ATP2B3, ATP6AP1, ATP6AP1-DT, AVPR2, BCAP31, BGN, BRCC3, CCNQ, CLIC2, CMC4, CTAG1A, CTAG1B, CTAG2, DKC1, DNASE1L1, DUSP9, EMD, F8, F8A1, F8A2, F8A3, FAM223A, FAM223B, FAM3A, FAM50A, FLNA, FUNDC2, G6PD, GAB3, GDI1, H2AB1, H2AB2, H2AB3, HAUS7, HCFC1, IDH3G, IKBKG, IL9R, IRAK1, L1CAM, LAGE3, LOC101927830, LOC105373383, LOC106146143, LOC106146144, LOC106146150, LOC106146151, LOC106146152, LOC107181288, LOC107522039, LOC107838685, LOC107988021, LOC107988022, LOC107988024, LOC107988025, LOC107988032, LOC107988033, LOC108281126, LOC111365170, LOC111589209, LOC113875014, LOC113875015, LOC113875016, LOC116309161, LOC116309162, LOC121627985, LOC121627986, LOC121853071, LOC121853072, LOC125467793, LOC125467794, LOC125467795, LOC126863349, LOC129929050, LOC129929051, LOC129929052, LOC130068821, LOC130068822, LOC130068823, LOC130068824, LOC130068825, LOC130068826, LOC130068827, LOC130068828, LOC130068829, LOC130068830, LOC130068831, LOC130068832, LOC130068833, LOC130068834, LOC130068835, LOC130068836, LOC130068837, LOC130068838, LOC130068839, LOC130068840, LOC130068841, LOC130068842, LOC130068843, LOC130068844, LOC130068845, LOC130068846, LOC130068847, LOC130068848, LOC130068849, LOC130068850, LOC130068851, LOC130068852, LOC130068853, LOC130068854, LOC130068855, LOC130068856, LOC130068857, LOC130068858, LOC130068859, LOC130068860, LOC130068861, LOC130068862, LOC130068863, LOC130068864, LOC130068865, LOC130068866, LOC130068867, LOC130068868, LOC130068869, LOC130068870, LOC130068871, LOC130068872, LOC130068873, LOC130068874, LOC130068875, LOC130068876, LOC130068877, LOC130068878, LOC130068879, LOC130068880, LOC130068881, LOC130068882, LOC130068883, LOC130068884, LOC130068885, LOC130068886, LOC130068887, LOC130068888, LOC130068889, LOC130068890, LOC130068891, LOC130068892, LOC130068893, LOC130068894, LOC130068895, LOC130068896, LOC130068897, LOC130068898, MECP2, MIR1184-1, MIR1184-2, MIR1184-3, MIR3202-1, MIR3202-2, MIR664B, MIR6858, MIR718, MPP1, MTCP1, NAA10, OPN1LW, OPN1MW, OPN1MW2, OPN1MW3, OPSIN-LCR, PDZD4, PLXNA3, PLXNB3, PNCK, RAB39B, RENBP, RPL10, SLC10A3, SLC6A8, SMIM9, SNORA36A, SNORA56, SNORA70, SPRY3, SRPK3, SSR4, TAFAZZIN, TEX28, TKTL1, TMEM187, TMLHE, TREX2, UBL4A, VAMP7, VBP1 1 1

Submitter and significance breakdown #

Total submitters: 1
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Submitter pathogenic total
Laboratorio de Genetica e Diagnostico Molecular, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein 1 1

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