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Variants in gene EP300 with conflicting interpretations

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Minimum conflict level:
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If a variant has more than two submissions, it may have multiple conflicts and therefore be counted in more than one conflict column. If this is the case, the "Variants with any kind of conflict" cell will be less than the sum of the conflicted variants cells to its left.

Variants with only 1 submission Variants with at least 2 submissions and no conflicts Variants with a synonymous conflict
(e.g. benign vs non-pathogenic)
Variants with a confidence conflict
(e.g. benign vs likely benign)
Variants with a benign or likely benign vs uncertain conflict Variants with a category conflict
(e.g. benign vs affects)
Variants with a clinically significant conflict
(e.g. benign vs pathogenic)
Variants with any kind of conflict
333 34 0 38 15 0 4 54

Significance breakdown #

In the table below, cells that correspond to a term paired with itself represent synonymous conflicts, i.e. variants that have been annotated with different terms that map to the same standard term. To compare the terms that were actually submitted, check the box in the filters section at the top of this page.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign
pathogenic 0 3 1 2 1
likely pathogenic 3 0 1 0 0
uncertain significance 1 1 0 13 4
likely benign 2 0 13 0 35
benign 1 0 4 35 0

All variants with conflicting interpretations #

Total variants: 54
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NM_001429.3(EP300):c.3857A>G rs1555910821
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.1168+7G>C rs181755354
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.1283-8T>C rs76827562
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.1519A>G (p.Ser507Gly) rs146242251
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.1572G>A (p.Thr524=) rs746398873
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.1782G>C (p.Thr594=) rs17002307
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.1878+9C>G rs186198699
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2019T>C (p.Pro673=) rs2230110
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2064A>G (p.Leu688=) rs61756763
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2091T>G (p.Ser697Arg) rs61756764
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2240C>T (p.Pro747Leu) rs193026103
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2499G>A (p.Ser833=) rs35560602
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2576T>C (p.Ile859Thr) rs145714752
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2773C>A (p.Pro925Thr) rs148884710
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2787A>G (p.Ala929=) rs143690368
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.2998-12G>A rs115849119
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3063T>C (p.Thr1021=) rs142431552
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3105C>T (p.Thr1035=) rs150498069
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3143-4del rs757931697
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.324C>T (p.Ala108=) rs138876937
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3354C>T (p.Val1118=) rs11704815
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3426C>T (p.Cys1142=) rs76268515
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3573T>A (p.Tyr1191Ter) rs565779970
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.3591-6C>T rs368437789
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.4026-7T>C rs187388966
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.4311A>C (p.Ala1437=) rs150941761
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.4503G>A (p.Leu1501=) rs368320273
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.4505C>T (p.Pro1502Leu) rs1555911573
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.4763T>C (p.Met1588Thr) rs1057521737
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.4783T>G (p.Phe1595Val) rs1057517732
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.5061+10G>A rs78432056
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.5061+9C>T rs73176628
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.513G>A (p.Ala171=) rs146041458
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.5147G>C (p.Ser1716Thr) rs147676363
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.5604G>A (p.Thr1868=) rs200795114
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.5814G>A (p.Thr1938=) rs112948044
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.586A>G (p.Ile196Val) rs148693910
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.5957C>T (p.Pro1986Leu) rs144626200
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6091C>T (p.Pro2031Ser) rs199650847
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6315C>T (p.Gly2105=) rs528866215
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.631G>A (p.Gly211Ser) rs142030651
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6372C>T (p.Val2124=) rs34985152
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6481A>G (p.Met2161Val) rs188035979
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6627_6638del (p.Asn2209_Gln2213delinsLys) rs587778256
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6636G>A (p.Gln2212=) rs142673005
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6668A>C (p.Gln2223Pro) rs1046088
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6729C>T (p.Gly2243=) rs765194008
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.678C>G (p.Gly226=) rs147244947
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6798_6800del (p.Gln2268del) rs533875300
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6951G>A (p.Arg2317=) rs139551099
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.6969C>G (p.Pro2323=) rs111489369
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.739A>G (p.Met247Val) rs147583157
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.865A>G (p.Met289Val) rs2230111
NM_001429.4(EP300):c.942C>T (p.Gly314=) rs20553

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