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Variants in gene PTPN11 with conflicting interpretations

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If a variant has more than two submissions, it may have multiple conflicts and therefore be counted in more than one conflict column. If this is the case, the "Variants with any kind of conflict" cell will be less than the sum of the conflicted variants cells to its left.

Variants with only 1 submission Variants with at least 2 submissions and no conflicts Variants with a synonymous conflict
(e.g. benign vs non-pathogenic)
Variants with a confidence conflict
(e.g. benign vs likely benign)
Variants with a benign or likely benign vs uncertain conflict Variants with a category conflict
(e.g. benign vs affects)
Variants with a clinically significant conflict
(e.g. benign vs pathogenic)
Variants with any kind of conflict
185 124 15 54 18 1 7 80

Significance breakdown #

In the table below, cells that correspond to a term paired with itself represent synonymous conflicts, i.e. variants that have been annotated with different terms that map to the same standard term. To compare the terms that were actually submitted, check the box in the filters section at the top of this page.

pathogenic likely pathogenic uncertain significance likely benign benign other
pathogenic 10 32 2 0 0 0
likely pathogenic 32 0 7 0 0 1
uncertain significance 2 7 0 16 9 0
likely benign 0 0 16 0 22 0
benign 0 0 9 22 5 0
other 0 1 0 0 0 0

All variants with conflicting interpretations #

Total variants: 80
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NM_002834.3(PTPN11):c.*13A>G rs201957261
NM_002834.3(PTPN11):c.179_181delGTG (p.Gly60del) rs80338836
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.*41_*46del rs886048967
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.*50C>T rs730880328
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1028G>A (p.Arg343Gln) rs535800148
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1052G>A (p.Arg351Gln) rs397507534
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1093-9C>A rs12301915
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.127C>T (p.Leu43Phe) rs1566164987
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1281C>T (p.Gly427=) rs753173299
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.132C>T (p.Ser44=) rs397507502
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1379+20C>T rs184743462
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1381G>A (p.Ala461Thr) rs121918468
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1391G>C (p.Gly464Ala) rs121918469
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1403C>T (p.Thr468Met) rs121918457
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1404G>C (p.Thr468=) rs587781130
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1449T>G (p.Gly483=) rs143238917
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1471C>G (p.Pro491Ala) rs397507539
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1492C>T (p.Arg498Trp) rs397507541
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1493G>T (p.Arg498Leu) rs397507542
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1505C>T (p.Ser502Leu) rs397507544
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1508G>A (p.Gly503Glu) rs397507546
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1508G>T (p.Gly503Val) rs397507546
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1510A>G (p.Met504Val) rs397507547
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1517A>C (p.Gln506Pro) rs397507548
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1528C>G (p.Gln510Glu) rs397507549
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1529A>G (p.Gln510Arg) rs121918470
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1530G>C (p.Gln510His) rs397507550
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.155C>T (p.Thr52Ile) rs397507503
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1620C>T (p.His540=) rs587781132
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1650G>A (p.Ala550=) rs374896287
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1658C>T (p.Thr553Met) rs148176616
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.166A>G (p.Ile56Val) rs397507504
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1678C>T (p.Leu560Phe) rs397516797
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.167T>C (p.Ile56Thr) rs1052382672
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1682C>T (p.Pro561Leu) rs141140214
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1740T>C (p.Tyr580=) rs139188627
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.1746C>T (p.Asn582=) rs397516800
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.174C>G (p.Asn58Lys) rs397507506
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.178G>A (p.Gly60Ser) rs397507507
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.179G>T (p.Gly60Val) rs397507509
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.182A>C (p.Asp61Ala) rs121918461
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.209A>G (p.Lys70Arg) rs397516801
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.211T>C (p.Phe71Leu) rs397507512
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.214G>A (p.Ala72Thr) rs121918453
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.214G>C (p.Ala72Pro) rs121918453
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.215C>T (p.Ala72Val) rs121918454
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.226G>A (p.Glu76Lys) rs121918464
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.227A>C (p.Glu76Ala) rs121918465
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.227A>G (p.Glu76Gly) rs121918465
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.255C>T (p.His85=) rs61736914
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.328G>A (p.Glu110Lys) rs397507518
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.329A>C (p.Glu110Ala) rs397507519
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.332+17T>G rs115658366
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.333-3T>C rs146749153
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.392A>G (p.Lys131Arg) rs397516805
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.486C>T (p.Asp162=) rs397507522
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.48A>G (p.Ala16=) rs372736227
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.526-17T>C rs375184329
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.526-8C>A rs184804143
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.53A>G (p.Asn18Ser) rs587778635
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.556C>T (p.Arg186Trp) rs143433437
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.558G>T (p.Arg186=) rs200920312
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.598A>T (p.Asn200Tyr) rs727503381
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.767A>G (p.Gln256Arg) rs397507523
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.774G>T (p.Glu258Asp) rs397516809
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.781C>T (p.Leu261Phe) rs397507525
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.782T>G (p.Leu261Arg) rs765642157
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.794G>A (p.Arg265Gln) rs376607329
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.802G>T (p.Gly268Cys) rs397507527
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.827A>G (p.Lys276Arg) rs777603059
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.836A>G (p.Tyr279Cys) rs121918456
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.846C>G (p.Ile282Met) rs397507530
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.853T>C (p.Phe285Leu) rs397507531
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.879C>T (p.His293=) rs117730996
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.922A>G (p.Asn308Asp) rs28933386
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.925A>G (p.Ile309Val) rs201787206
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.951G>A (p.Lys317=) rs576405446
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.990A>C (p.Thr330=) rs369739920
NM_002834.4(PTPN11):c.996C>T (p.Gly332=) rs397507533
NM_002834.5(PTPN11):c.768_770dup rs397507524

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